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Dam Database

Malcolm Dunstan & Associates maintains a database of all Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams in the World.
A summary of this database is published each year in the World Atlas of Hydropower & Dams.

In this section of our site we provide a means to search those projects using specific criteria.
Please use the form below to select as many or as few criteria as you desire, then click on the 'Submit Search' button at the foot of the page.

Please email us if you know of any RCC dam that is not in this database, or if any of the information is incorrect.

Dam name (you can enter a fragment - e.g. New V for New Victoria)
Dam owner
Type of dam
Purpose of dam (select all that apply)
Environmental Flood control Groundwater recharge Hydropower Irrigation
Navigation Pollution control Recreation Water supply
Reservoir capacity
Between m3x106 and m3x106
Construction dates
Start of project - from / / to / /
Start of RCC - from / / to / /
Finish of RCC - from / / to / /
Finish of project - from / / to / /
Height - from m to m
Length - from m to m
RCC - from m3 x 103 to m3 x 103
Total - from m3 x 103 to m3 x 103
Stepped face
Upstream -
Downstream -
Spillway -
Layers - between mm and mm
Lifts - between mm and mm
Cementitious content
Cement - between kg/m3 and kg/m3
Pozzolan - between kg/m3 and kg/m3

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