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RCC2019 Symposium

Attendance at RCC2019 Symposium at Kunming in China where Dr Dunstan gave one of the Keynote… View More

Dasu dam

Meeting in Beijing at the Head Office of CGGC, the Contractor for the construction of the Dasu, to discuss the Trial Mix Programme and other aspects of the construction of the Dasu RCC… View More

HYDRO2019 Conference

Attendance at HYDRO2019 Conference at Porto in Portugal where Dr Dunstan chaired Session 06: Materials for… View More

Batoka HEP

MD&A awarded the Contract as RCC Advisor for the design and construction of the 180-m high RCC arch-gravity dam on the Zambezi… View More

Batoka HEP

The B.O.T Contract for the construction of the 2400MW Batoka HEP on the Zambezi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe was awarded to a JV of General Electric of the USA and Power China of… View More