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ASIA2014 Conference

Victoria Dam

A Keynote Address 'The development of RCC dams in India' was given to the ASIA2014 Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.Prior to the Conference of visit was made to Victoria… View More

Visit to Upper Paung Laung for the Shwe Li III HEP

Shwe Li III - group shot

Visit was made to the concrete laboratory at the Upper Paung Laung site for the Stage-1 Trial Mix Programme for Shwe Li III using the new granite… View More

Site visit to Lower Churchill Project HEP

Lower Churchill Project HEP

Site visit was made to St John’s, Newfoundland and to the Muskrat Falls site to discuss the construction methodology of the RCC North… View More

Upper Paung Laung HEP

Upper Paung Laung HEP

The RCC placement of Upper Paung Laung was completed on 29 December… View More

Visit to Delhi for Ratle dam

Ratle dam

Visit to Delhi to attend Progress Meeting for Ratle dam and to inspect Trial Mix… View More