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Middle Vaitarna dam

The gated spillway overflowed for the first time after a very wet monsoon. To date the dam has performed extremely… View More

Visit to Delhi for Ratle dam

Visit to Delhi to attend Progress Meeting for Ratle dam and to inspect Trial Mix… View More

Visit to Middle Vaitarna dam

Site visit was made to the nearly-complete Middle Vaitarna dam at which the RCC had been completed for 18 months to assess the performance to date. Essentially there was very little seepage of any… View More

Visit to the Ghatghar Lower dam

Site visit was made to the completed Lower dam at Ghatghar to review the performance of the dam some seven years after completion. It was found to be in excellent condition and all the galleries were bone dry as was the downstream… View More

Visit to Shahpurkandi

Site visit to Shahpurkandi to review progress of the RCC… View More

Site visit to Shahpurkandi

Site visit to Shahpurkandi dam site for the Trial Mix Programme for the air entrained RCC (and… View More

Visit to Lahore for Dasu dam

Review of the results of the Stage-1 and Stage-2 Trial Mix… View More

Visit to Chandigarh

Presentation of an RCC dam as an alternative to a traditional concrete dam at Shahpurkandi on the border of the Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir… View More

Meeting in Delhi about Ratle dam

A round-table meeting was held between the Owner (GVK), the Owner’s RCC Consultant (MD&A), the Owner’s Engineer (Lahmeyer), the Contractor (L&T) and the Contractor’s Designer (ARQ) to initiate the construction of the 133-m high Ratle dam in Jammu and… View More