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Visit to Lai Chau

Site visit was made to Lai Chau to review progress and to assess the performance of the RCC to… View More

Site visit to Lai Chau

Site visit to Lai Chau for a review of placement procedures during the heavy rain of the… View More

Lai Chau HEP

A visit was made to the Lai Chau site between 18 January and 1 February to review the progress of the construction of the dam. In addition, KfW – the German Government-owned Development Bank – also visited the site to learn about RCC dam… View More

Lai Chau HEP

The last RCC was placed in Lai Chau some six weeks ahead of schedule; thus Lai Chau followed the success of the RCC at Son La, just downstream of Lai Chau, in being completed… View More

ASIA2018 Conference

Attendance at ASIA2018 Conference at Da Nang in Vietnam where Dr Dunstan chaired Session 06: Civil Engineering: Materials and… View More